We provide our clients with some of the best managed care tools in the business. No other firm can provide the same level of support. CCG’s proprietary tools include:

Financial Modeling
  • CCG is a market leader when it comes to financial analysis and modeling. We have secured millions of dollars in contract increases as a result of our financial modeling and market knowledge. We will prepare a financial impact analysis of your top contracts to identify pricing strategies to maximize reimbursement. We can prepare a customized model at the service line level to analyze the impact of the current and proposed rates during negotiations with a health plan. This strategic tool allows the client to model a number of “what if” scenarios to determine the best pricing strategy for the hospital or medical group.
Managed Care Database
  • Our proprietary Access Database allows us to load all of your health plan contracts into our database. The database is currently used by health systems and medical groups throughout the country to manage their portfolio of contracts. This customized database provides the clients with a series of reports to effectively manage their contract portfolio. Provided that CCG is given sufficient electronic data and supporting information, the following reports can be generated from the database:

    • Contract Portfolio
    • Contract Tickler Report
    • Hi / Low Performers
    • Opportunity Analysis

Best Practices Contract Language Database
  • CCG maintains a “Best Practices” contract language database. The database is the result of 30 years of experience in negotiating health plan agreements for health systems, hospitals and medical groups. Using the database, we provide “Best Practice Language” recommendations to our clients. This database is updated on a quarterly basis and has been very effective in contract negotiations. We will review your contracts to determine potential financial concerns, contract business issues, and general contract language provisions.