“We have achieved double digit increases on all of our major contracts this past year. CCG’s financial tools work!”

“Our biggest payer is Blue Cross. The financial modeling done by CCG has exceeded our expectations. We can now model at the DRG service level to evaluate the impact of their pricing. Thank you, Chancellor!”

“Before CCG, all my contracts were sent to legal for review. Now they build the language template and we have cut legal expenses substantially.”

“CCG helped us add 120 physicians to our medical group. This was accomplished through a series of strategies designed by them. They did it in 6 months!”

“Chancellor has trained all my staff on how to use all of their proprietary stools. My staff now efficiently renegotiated all of our managed care agreements and with the new tools, I was able to actually reduce staff!!

“There is not another firm in the country that can do what Chancellor Consulting Group can do. I would recommend them to any hospital who wants to improve the managed care revenue stream.”

“We filed for bankruptcy and CCG came in to renegotiate our health plan agreements. Now we are back on our feet and seeing a positive income stream.”

“CCG helped us sign an agreement with a medical group that we have been working on for years without success. CCG’s successful negotiation of that relationship saved our bottom line and the hospital!”