Chancellor Consulting Group

Established 1991

HealthCare Management Consulting

Over 35 years of proven industry knowledge and expertise
We deliver solutions for health systems, hospitals and medical groups backed by 35 years of expertise and battle proven by hundreds of clients
We specialize in health plan negotiations and financial modeling and analysis

Our Professionals

Our team of seasoned professionals enable your business objectives with confidence and quality.

President | Kelly A. Droshin

Our Clients Include

Our Services

Health System and hospitals

  • Managed care financial analysis and modeling

  • Managed care contract assessments

  • Health plan and provider contract negotiations

Medical Groups and IPAs

  • Health Plan Contract Negotiations

  • Physician Recruitment Efforts

  • Medical Group and IPA Development

Other services

  • Hospital/Physician Joint Venture Programs and Services (e.g. ASC, MRI, cardiac surgery, rehabilitation and other specialized programs)

  • Business Plan Development and Financial Projections

  • Volume and Program Planning


We have achieved double digit increases on all of our major contracts this past year. CCG’s financial tools work!

Our biggest payer is Blue Cross. The financial modeling done by CCG has exceeded our expectations. We can now model at the DRG service level to evaluate the impact of their pricing. Thank you, Chancellor!

Before CCG, all my contracts were sent to legal for review. Now they build the language template and we have cut legal expenses substantially.

Chancellor Consulting Group

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